Dear Diary,

Well I’ve solved another mystery.  I thought this one would take longer than it did.  In fact I ended up solving 2 mysteries, one by default.  I found out that Joy’s father had hid the carousel horse, she thought had been destroyed.  Joy blamed herself for her mother’s death.  So she tore up all her photos, and blamed the carousel horse for her death.   Anyway I found the horse, but when I opened the door to leave (I couldn’t leave the way I came, steps had fallen in)  there stood the culprit.  Thanks to some quick thinking, and flashy jewelry, I got away and baddie was captured.

Anyway I’m on my way home.  Hannah says some guy (not Ned nor F & J) keeps calling me.   Something about salad slicers and nails.  She wasn’t really sure…. Hmmm.