1) While the train is moving Nancy has to go from car to car to get from the front car to caboose.  So why does she have to continue to do this when the train is stopped?

2) Why doesn’t Nancy just look around the area where Lori disappeared from?  (Spoiler here-Lori’s disappearance is only tiny part of the game).  Nancy could have found her a lot faster if she had.

3) So while Nancy is “running” around actively looking for Lori, no one else seems to be doing anything to help…not even the Hardy Boys.  Uh, Frank..Joe, I don’t think reading old copies Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer are going to help find her.

4) Fatima, take off that costume… you look ridiculous.

5)  Who is the mysterious person who looks in on the group at the beginning?  The engineer is “driving” the train.  Isn’t he?

6) Are the colored lizards real or fake?  It just seems that the stayed in the same place for years, without moving or losing their color.