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1) Who puts the towels back in the rooms?  Wouldn’t that be Nancy’s job as the maid?

2) Is the bathroom unisex?  or is there more to it?

3) What is up with those pine cones? They look more like Trapper Dan carved them, than natural ones.  But who knows maybe he did.

4) Nancy and Freddie have similar voices…but that’s because they’re voiced by the same person.

5) Why couldn’t they have put a glitch in the fox and geese game?  I love playing the game up until that point and then I hate it.

6) Why doesn’t Nancy have towels in her room?

7) I wish making a bed was that easy.

8) Chantal doesn’t have any faith in her own judgement.   After all she “hires” Nancy (for free) and then turns around and hires (ahem with pay and behind  Nancy’s back) Tino.

9) Why doesn’t Nancy eat anything?  She cooks all three meals, but she never eats.  Other games she does.  Apparently Sonny Joon has never been to this place.