Here are some of my observations playing Nancy Drew “Secret of Shadow Ranch”

1) Where does Nancy or anyone for that matter sleep?   Nancy can’t go out the front door, and there is no way to walk around the house from the back.  So where are the sleeping quarters?

2) What kind of stove is Shorty cooking on?  On one hand it looks like a giant old wood cook stove but there is no place for the wood, or for the smoke to go.  One the other if is an electric (as is implied) then where are the knobs etc.

3) Why doesn’t Nancy have to feed the cows?  I mean she has to feed everything else.

4)  How does Tex think riding around in circles answering his questions about horses, while he pretends he’s Jesse James, help Nancy become a better rider?

5) What exactly is Dave doing at the chicken coop?  He seems to be standing there looking a chickens, except the chickens are all inside.

6) Dirk Valentine was an outlaw, but what what did he do?  Rob banks, trains…what?

7)  When Nancy is out riding to and from the ranch she sees the exact same scenery going both ways.