8) Do you realize how many things Nancy could get done in Trail of the Twister before she takes the quiz that makes the others show up? Here is my list-
a. At the Farm 1) Finish the filing 2) Do the alarm system chart 3)fix the tv 4) Fix the sprinkler system 5) Fix the corn sensors
b. At Pa’s 1) Get the emergency kit supplies 2)Fix the candy display (get the cheese candy)3Fix Tornado Chart 4)Borrow the mice trap
c. Back at the farm 1) put supplies away 2) use the mice trap to catch the mice in the basement 3)Take the mice to the Spring House
d. Just for fun-Go take photos of the clouds.
9) If Josiah Crowley (Secret of the Old Clock) built his miniature golf course for his on private enjoyment, why did he insist on charging himself to play?
10) Speaking of the Old Clock, do you realize the object that Nancy spends the game looking for is not found in any of the clocks, and the “baddie” has technically nothing to do with that object?
11) In Haunting of Castle Malloy where does Kyler sleep? As far as I can tell the only rooms (that haven’t been destroyed) are 1) the Nursery where Matt is staying 2) the Library, which amazingly was not damaged, and which is where we find Kyler reading, not sleeping 3) the Tower, which you can’t via staircase, unless you have a death wish. 4) The Great hall which is where Kit is sleeping. Ok so where does she sleep?
12) How did the RA in Warnings at Waverly get to be an RA? You never see her, and if you knock on her door you get yelled at. But yet she hands out demerits like candy.