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Things I’ve notice about Nancy Drew Games
1) In Shadow at the Water’s Edge, Nancy gets locked in a room. To get out she has to replace colored pieces of what I am assuming is glass. This is a timed puzzle, so if you don’t complete it in the allotted time, “Nancy” gets knocked in the head with a piece of wood. Here ae my questions. 1) Why doesn’t Nancy look up see the piece of wood, and use it to break the door. 2) Nancy barely touched the door in her room earlier and it tore, so why doesn’t this one do the same. 3) Who or what is making the room shake?
2) In Secret of Shadow Ranch, we can see cows in the background, and there is the pink cow food. So when Nancy has to feed everything, why not the cows too? Who feeds the cows? Tex? Dave?
3) Speaking of Dave, what does he do all day, with one exception, all you see Dave do is stand looking at the chickens? He doesn’t even fix the coop, Nancy has to do that.
4) In Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon, Nancy spends the first part of the game finding Lori. Later in the game it is revealed how Lori pulled her vanishing act. 1) Why didn’t Nancy start looking for her, by looking around the area from where she vanished? 2) I understand why Charlena isn’t concerned about Lori’s disappearance but the others who claim to be looking are doing nothing. Hey Hardy Boys, you’re not going to find her by looking at those old books. You’re supposed to be ace detectives, get with the program.
5) Here is a spoiler of sorts-In the Final Scene, when you hear the kidnapper; you can tell who the kidnapper is. Maybe not if you are playing it for the first time, but if not listen closely, it is very obvious.
6) In Danger on Deception Island, at the Hot Kettle Café, Jenna offers you clam chowder, but you can also get a blueberry muffin. However if you chose the chowder first, the muffin option goes away, but if you chose the muffin first, you get to choose both for the rest of the game. At least this has been my experience.
7) Why doesn’t Nancy eat in White Wolf of Icicle Creek? She cooks for everyone else but never fixes herself anything. No wonder she has really weird dreams.